Moonlight Revolution (The Mixtape)

by Tarica June

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Straddling the thin space between spoken word and hip-hop, Washington, D.C.- based artist, Tarica June presents her aptly titled mixtape, Moonlight Revolution. “The moon not only helps you see when it’s dark, but it also represents women -- and a big focus of the mixtape is the female perspective that’s been lacking for so long” Tarica (pronounced like Erika) explains.

With songs like ‘Let it Go’ and ‘F.C.G. (Black Gurl Song)’ inspired by Ntozake Shange’s Choreopoem, For Colored Girls, Tarica June carves out her own lane, venturing into territory previously untouched by mixtapes. She says of F.C.G., “Within hip-hop I feel like you don’t hear Black girl songs anymore-- I’m talking about a real Black girl’s perspective – not what we think other people want to hear, or trying to become men in skirts, basically, but real Black girl songs.“

And with this project Tarica June does a great job of speaking for the sistas. She delves into matters of the heart, haters, creative adornment (being fly with thrift store finds), and the solace found in writing. She takes hip-hop to task for its misogyny (with songs like ‘Is There’ and ‘Put On’). Besides that, Tarica June cleverly flips well-known industry beats (and even a U2 sample), giving them entirely new meaning and charm, and then sprinkles in hard-hitting originals, showcasing her keen songwriting abilities with tracks like ‘Crazy Girls.’

“I stand alone on this mixtape—no crew -- no men introducing me to the world. Just me. . . It’s a project that I think those who pay attention to lyrics and those who’ve been craving some substance in hip-hop are really going to love” Tarica June says.



released January 1, 2010

All song lyrics written by Tarica June. Mixing by Scotty Beam.

*'Slow Down' and 'Crazy Girls' produced by Scotty Beam.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Track 05- Love_Hate
Verse 1:

I'm sick of wondering when you're gonna call
so I'mma get my number changed and not worry at all.
I'm complex--I'm a run-a-wayer sometimes
I wanna stay but go
expect a player sometimes
if I don't know
and so I probably won't see you again--have a good life.
it's for the best, yo I'm in love with my pen
and so you see yo this could
never really work out between us,
no, not really
I don't mean this
but I will sincerely
by the time that you hear me
I plan to be over you by then
I'm building the bridge now
though it feels paper thin
might send you a postcard
or a sampler
but only when I forget that I can't stand ya

it gets so hard to remember, with you I'm like a child
I see your eyes and start floating on a cloud
and I realize I'm just wildin' out loud
...matter fact I'm dialing your number right now


I must really hate me to love you
when you don't call
don't care, come by
dont share
dont do nothing but cause me pain
I must be messed up
I must be insane

I must really hate me to love you
when you don't call
don't care, come by
dont share
dont do nothing but cause me pain
I must be messed up
I must be insane

Verse 2:

Look, I'm sick of wondering when you're gonna change so I'mma
stop thinking that you're ever gon change
it's that simple.
I know that a cute smile with a dimple doesn't mean that you're gonna be true
even though that's what it says to me
every single time I see it
and to me it's like 'give him another chance'
my brain understands...
it just takes my heart a while to catch up
my brain be talkin bout how you foul and messed up
but then my heart's like: "he be lookin good, so overlook it" and
don't play games, even if that's where he took it
so I wait for you, be checking my phone--have faith for you
stay alone, preserve a place for you
it's so tragic, my brain says so
but my heart's like: "shut up...I'mma never let him go
but now my brain's on the come-up with a query so true: "you love a man like that--what that say about you??"

**Repeat Hook**