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Today's a good day
know it's finna be sweet
I'm listening to Dom on Kennedy street
remembering the west coast where the energy's sweet
I did my yoga this morning so my memory's peaked
but anyway, off-grid sh*t, nothing to tweet
the city's still filling up with those who dance off-beat
more than 140 characters, and all of them weak
they walk by, low eye, act like they can't speak
they walk dogs--when I say that I don't mean their feet
that's cause they scared of their neighbors, them they don't wanna meet
but anyway, this is third generation for me
my parents and my grandparents all from DC
so I feel like I notice things other folks can't see
And like I represent things other folks can't be
and I remember
all Black on the green line
and all the kids had jobs in the summertime
say what you want about Barry, but he cared for the poor
and that ain't who these new fools working for
I tell em, "That aint who these new fools workin for"
they tryna kick us all out and just build more stores
but anyway...

But Anyway I could go on forever
bout all of the bull
that I'm tryna make better
or even about me and the twenty first letter
I feel like I know you
even though we ain't together
live forever
ok, you gettin money
well I'm gettin peace of mind that you can't take from me
so I feel I'm doing fine and as long as I love me
I follow my own signs and the world can't judge me
pretty or ugly.

Verse 2
speed cameras send me pictures in the mail
I hate this city sometimes, but oh well...
what can I do? pay the damned ticket
think it's unconstitutional but I don't picket
there's other battles, other cages to rattle
they still lockin us up and tryna herd us like cattle
I talk about it cuz nobody else tattles
they takin juveniles to Iowa, sayin that'll
teach em
but it won't.
I swear on everything this system is a joke, not rehabilitation
and it's not about hope
it's about the corporations,
ten dollar soap
and ten dollars for ten minutes on the phone till you broke
where they recording every single word that you spoke
they probably ignoring every single word that I wrote
cu if I ain't burn it down I was only blowin smoke

[HOOK Repeats]
And anyway, I'm just speaking from my heart
even though the industry is tryna keep us apart
even though my enemies be steadily throwing darts
I'mma make it to the end, man I said it from the start
so play your part
and your position
pen and paper's like the pots when I'm cookin in the kitchen
if I serve it up hot, know the people gon listen
gon give it all I got, I'm the link that was missing
no more wishing
cause I'm here
vibratin off love
not the frequency of fear
I'mma keep it right there and watch the hate disappear
everyday is my year
get that sh*t clear.


from Stream of Consciousness Vol. 1​.​5 (EP), released March 1, 2016



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